Perfetto Lagotto Bring Westminster Awards Back To Pennsylvania!

We were thrilled to be featured on the news after attending the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club. We've copied the article below, but you can also CLICK HERE to read the article on the Fox43 website and watch the video.

Andrea Shaffer breeds and trains her Lagotto Romagnolos. She is one of only a few breeders of the breed in the United States. She does all this in addition to her job.

"I'm actually an operating room nurse," she said.

Shaffer said she will work in the mornings and after work with the dogs.

Her hard work paid off with an invitation to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City.

"I took a picture and posted it to Facebook right away," she said. "It's a family. We were eagerly welcomed by many other breeds and their owners."

Her dog Nutella came home with the award of best opposite sex. It is given out to the dog of the opposite sex of the best of breed award. Another dog Shaffer is a co-owner of, Johan, came home with the select dog award.

"If they think a dog is worthy of recognition and they didn't win best of breed, then they have the opportunity to be recognized by offering that title," Shaffer said.

She said her she plans to attend a few shows in Europe to show the dogs.